Pet Friendly Policies

Pet Friendly to Friendly Pets

We happily accept happy pets subject to the following:

  • All Pets Must Be Approved.
  • There is a Monthly Rental Premium of $25 
  • All animals *must* be spayed or neutered. The local SPCA can advise about low-cost procedures.
  • All ordinances regarding keeping and licensing of animals must be followed.
  • All animals must be house-broken...NO PUPPIES, NO animals "too young" to be neutered.
  • No exotic animals such as ferrets, parrots, etc.
  • No 'outdoor' animals - your pet must be part of your family and live with you, not out in the yard in a box or on a chain. Outdoor animals bark and are a nuisance to the finally:
  • Your pet must not be a nuisance to other residents or neighbors.


No Aggressive Animals

Will Be Allowed