Deposits & Rent


 * Our Goal is to Return EVERY Security Deposit In Full *

We repeat:

 * Our Goal is to Return EVERY Security Deposit In Full *

We don't make money on deposits - we need to keep our places rented in order to pay the bills.  So while we collect a Security Deposit from EVERYONE - no exceptions - we won't nickel and dime you on the way out the door *if* you leave the place clean, undamaged and ready to occupy when you depart at the end of your lease!  If we don't have  to clean your toilet or your fridge, or haul away your trash, we are happy landlords.  Leave the place as good or better than how you received it, and we will refund your deposit in full as fast as possible.  Security Deposits are equal to one month's rent PLUS $250. 

*We don't collect Pet Deposits but we *do* charge a rental premium - please see our Pet Policy Page.*




We need the rent to pay for, maintain and improve your home.  Therefore we require the rent to be on time - on or BEFORE the 1st - each and every month. There is no grace period. However, we offer a variety of payment plans and options to make it easier for you to meet this obligation.  Ask us about Bi-weekly Pay Day Plan and Winter/Summer Payment Plans, and also about our "One Month Free" payment schedule.


There are people who prey on prospective online renters by collecting deposits and rents on houses they do not own. Please be aware that we will not ask you for a wire - ever. Our rent is collected only through Direct Deposit or In-Person Deposit at the bank branch.